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How can outsourcing enhance your practice?

  • by secure_asset
  • Posted on 03 March, 2021

The majority of advisors got into this business because of their dedication to serving clients – most did not get into this business based on their passion for investing in the markets.  Outsourcing investment management can allow advisors to spend more time helping clients and engaging with new potential clients.  Time is usually the biggest reason for outsourcing.  Based on a study by Northern Trust, the average advisor spends about 28 hours per week on investment management.  What can you do with your business if you gained that time back? 

Not only investment management, but what about outsourcing front-office, middle office, and back-office functions? According to a TD Ameritrade study along with Market Strategies International, 71% of advisors outsource some function of their firm.  Per the advisors in the study, 62% outsource back-office functions, 58% outsource investment functions, and 54% outsource marketing and practice management functions.* 

 If Secure Asset Management could handle these functions of your business, even more time is gained.  Take advantage of the SAM technology platform including Orion, Salesforce, eMoney, and our case design team to help with hands-on casework recommendations, illustrations, and hypotheticals  – let our sales team do the heavy lifting for you to gain further efficiencies in your business!


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